ART BAZAAR at Lyons Wier Gallery

The Art Bazaar is an OPEN CALL to ANY artist who works in ANY medium (i.e painting, sculpture, photography, fiber, performance, conceptual, WHATEVER – so long as the work fits within the allotted space in the gallery)The artist that generates THE MOST REVENUE during the 7 weekend period will be awarded a solo exhibition at Lyons Wier Gallery in 2010.

Doors open to artists at 8am on Saturday for admission & initial installation.

Doors open at 10am-12pm on Sunday for artists to re-install or for rotation of new artists.

Doors close to artists for admission once the gallery is full and space is allocated.

Artists will be admitted to the gallery on a “First Come, First Serve” basis. No holding a space in line permitted.

Only the artist him/herself may display and sell their artwork. No substitutes or representatives allowed.

The artist must be present both days to set up their own space in the morning or else their artwork will be removed.

Any artist who does not return on Sunday forfeits their space to the next artist waiting in line.

The Gallery will announce any display areas that become available online on throughout the Saturday & Sunday events.

The gallery will only accept CASH / CREDIT CARDS for all sales.

The gallery will be responsible for collecting money from all sales at the front desk and will issue receipts to the buyer and seller. Cash sales will be tallied & settled directly with the artist at the end of each day. Credit card sales will be settled with the artist within 10 days of clearing.


There are NO LIMITATIONS on price, quantity, medium or size of the work as long as the work(s) fit within the artist’s allocated space.

All artists MUST sign a WAIVER that acknowledges Lyons Wier Gallery is NOT RESPONSIBLE for any artwork transported to/from the gallery and for any damage, loss, theft occurring at/from the premises.

The artist acknowledges that Lyons Wier Gallery has the rights to their “likeness” or image as it will be broadcasting live feeds, video and webcasts from the gallery on and other outlets during both days of the exhibition.

Artists may participate at the Art Bazaar as many weekends as they like. There is no limit to how many times you exhibit. Those artists who exhibit on the Saturday may leave their work up in the gallery to show on Sunday.

If the artist does not show up on Sunday, their work will be removed from the gallery and the space will become vacant for another artist to take. A new line will be formed each day (Sat or Sun) outside the gallery for possible admission.

If you have acquired a spot in the bazaar and you have your own website, Lyons Wier Gallery will post a link to your site on the duration of your hanging. Any sales generated by an artist’s website linked on www

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