Ron Arad at MoMA

The name of Ron Arad immediately conjures up pieces such as the Bookworm bookcase (1993) and the Tom Vac chair (1997), but his surprising work goes beyond any easy classification and expresses a free creative spirit working without constrictions or frontiers in design, architecture and the plastic arts. Ron Arad defines himself as belonging to “No discipline”.

No Discipline is the title of his current retrospective at MoMA. Seen here at the opening, Arad humour and spirit is posted confidently on his I Don’t Want No Retro Spective t-shirt.

The retrospective presents major and emblematic works, prototypes accompanied by audiovisual documents, limited series and mass-produced objects, along with numerous architectural projects.

Born in Tel Aviv, Arad lives and works in London, and is considered one of the greats amongst industrial designers.

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