Topia Performance Space in Adams, MA.

During the weekend in Adams, visiting MassMoca, ArtJetSet came across an amazing initiative, Topia Arts Center located on 27 Park Street, Adams MA.

Topia Arts Center is a new “green” artist led performing arts and educational center in development in Adams presenting quality music, dance, theater, circus arts, film and visual art exhibits as well as educational and community programs. Two performing artists from New York City, formed Topia Arts, LLC and purchased the theater structure with the vision of building on the already tangible energy of this historic cultural site.



On June 12, 2010 one hundred professional and lay carpenters will build the stage extension and the performance platform inside the Topia Arts Center’s new performance space. This construction will double as a live performance. The show will be a percussive symphony of construction with the carpenters shaking bags of nails, hammering, drilling and performing a variety of choreographed sonic events to a live audience. Click here to learn more about how you can purchase tickets or sponsor a carpenter.

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