Mass MoCA

MassMoca, located in North Adams Massachusetts, opened in 1999 hosting monumental works and performances.

Natalie Jeremijenko: Tree Logic Tree Logic, the art of the piece is not found in its condition at any single point in time, but in the change of the trees over time. Trees are dynamic natural systems, and Tree Logic reveals this dynamism. The familiar, almost iconic shape of the tree in nature is the result of gravitropic and phototropic responses: the tree grows away from the earth and towards the sun. When inverted, the six trees in this experiment still grow away from earth and towards the sun – so the natural predisposition of trees might well produce the most unnatural shapes over time, raising questions about what the nature of the natural is.

The children’s education space, a collaborative project of The Clark, Williams College Museum of Art, is an exceptional and remarkable space. Making art accessible through family and children programs, as well as this hilarious food base installations where kids made cupcake sculptures and artists in residence made sculptures out of gummybears, candies, and cookies.

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