Pulse Fair: Highlights and Favorites

This year’s Pulse Fair was held for the first time at the Metropolitan center.

PINTA – the Latin American art fair was held here last year quite successfully since they assumed the entire ground floor space .

The deep narrow booths at Pulse created claustrophobic narrow aisles that made this fair an awkward viewing experience.

Really loved this amazing Packing tape on plexiglass technique by Mark Khaisman at Pentimenti, as well as this nice red square piece at Shshana Wayne.

Nice to see less political works and more approchable paintings like these Markus Linnenbrink and Markus Weggenmann at FTC.

Even the figurative works were mildly abstracted, like Ryan Martin’s collaged paintings at CTS Workshop, Alex Prager photos, Mario Muller painting at Mary Ryan and the Jane Hambleton at Michael Rosenthal.

New perspective in sculpture, the wire speach bubbles by Greely Myatt at David Lusk, and the miniature tree tornado by Jorge Mayet at Horrach Moya.

The upper level hosted ImPulse, hosting galleries that were invited to present solo exhibitions.

ArtJetSet favorite was Damian Stamer’s abstracted landscape paintings at Freight+Volume.

Really enjoyed Mark Schoening’s paintings at Blythe Projects, as well as Rene Barge photos at Dorsch.

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