Festival of Ideas New York

The New Museum, in conjuction with the City of New York and local arts initiatives, launches the inaugural Festival of Ideas for the New City

This three part festival includes the Conference portion of lectures, panels and symposia, StreetFest inviting over a hundred grassroots organizations and local business to present their products along the Bowery, and Projects section which hosts art installations, performance and walking tours around the Downtown area.
ArtJetSet is looking forward:

May 4: The keynote panels by architect and inovator Rem Koolhaas

May 5: Presentation by Jaron Lanier author of You Are Not a Gadget: A Manifesto

May 6: The Reconfigured City panel hosted by Elizabeth Diller, Frank Duffy among others.

Shannon Plumb: The Window Series installation on the facade at 200 Lafayette St, bw Broome and Kenmare.

Jon Kessler: Theater of Situations at Salon 94.

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