Gartner Productions Hosts Artists in Advertising

Gartner Productions hosted a brilliant exhibition titled Artists in Advertising.

Granted, they’re not called Creative Directors for nothing, they work at New York’s best and most lucrative advertising agencies by day, and by night they make gorgeous art work.   Created and curated by Oritte Bendory, hosted in a gorgeous Soho loft, this show brought together brilliant work by in a variety of media.


Stylized drawings by Lee Trice, and colourful abastracted photography Jonathan Flaum,


Amazing photo of a soldier made of little plastic army soldiers by Dan Cohen,


Portrait painter Andree Ljutica (middle) with curator Oritte Bendory (right)


Hilarious punchline drawings by Saks Afridi,


Michael Schachtner shown with his large format photos.






Photos by Brian Patterson

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